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Katena Barraquer Iris Spatula .5mm - Reference: K3-2300 - Set of 2


Katena K3-5193 Sinskey Lens Hook Angled Round 0.25mm Diameter Blunt Tip


Corneal fixation ring, Fine Thornton 13mm, Katena


38 Mixed V.Mueller Katena Microsurgery, ENT, Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument Sets


Katena Products K3-5080 Sheets Micro Hook With Guard


Katena K4-5571 Surgical Ophthalmic IOL Cutter 6mm Long Serrated Blades


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic 1.5mm Alfonso Nucleus Trisector K3-4145


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic Double Ended Hook And Loop


Katena USA Eye Surgery Needle Holders


Katena K5-5000 Mcpherson Tying Straight Ophthalmic Forceps 108mm


Katena Graether Iris Retractor Angled K3-4910


Lot of 40 Storz/Katena Cannulas & I/A Tips for Ophthalmic Surgery, Ophthalmology


Katena-Storz K7-6010 Quickswitch I/A Handpiece-&-Much More,15PSC


KATENA K2-6605 Phaco-4 Diamond Knife 2.8mm Angled 3978 Swiss Keratome shaped kp


Katena KT5-5000 Mcpherson Tying Ophthalmic Forceps Straight 5mm Titanium


Katena K4-1020 Medium Right Castroviejo Corneoscleral Scissors 4-1/4"


Katena Jarit Storz Surgical Ophthalmic Instruments W/ Case


Katena K5-5100 K5-5110 Sinskey Tying Forceps Set, straight + curved, 2 units


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic Kratz Curved Lens Holding Forceps K5-8480


Katena K3-2400 Bechert Nucleus Rotator, 7mm


Katena K5-7240


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic Botvin Iris Forceps K5-1040


Katena K3-5002 .2mm Diameter Blunt Tip


Katena Surgical Orthopedic Mallet K7-1860


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic Straight Castroviejo Caliper K3-9000


Katena K3-6600 Stevens Tenotomy Hook


Katena K5-8490 Kratz Lens Holding Forceps w/ Lock, Ophthalmic, Surgical, Eye


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic Bishop-Harmon Forceps K5-3550


Katena K5-5030 Kelman-McPherson Forceps, Angled, 7.5mm Long Smooth Jaws


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic Freeman-Jaffe Forceps K5-5190


Katena and Storz Large Lot of Delicate Instruments In Sterilization Case


Katena Surgical Ophthalmic Jameson Muscle Hook K3-6800


Katena Micro Instrument 6 Piece Set


Katena Kratz Lens Holding Forceps K5-8480


Katena K3-7888 Maloney Intra Operative Titanium Keratometer


Katena Tying Forceps K-5-5220


Katena K5-1718 Hoskin #18 Straight Surgical Tissue Forceps 3-1/4"


Katena Eye Surgery complete set K3-8142- K7-3570 Set total 19 pieces