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Construction Project The construction industry is booming as never before, and  is part of this industry knows  satisfaction can be derived when a structure is complete.

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     Engineering, pronounced, means
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the functions that lead design and
     studies, the purchase and control of              equipment, construction and
     commissioning of a technical or industrial        facility. By extension, the term is also
     often used in other areas: we speak for        example of computer engineering. This          activity is currently carried out principally      by so-called companies 'engineering                companies' who study, design and do            realize all or part of a layout (port,                road..), a book.
  Civil Engineering

Civil - Bridge
Civil engineering is a field that aims to recognise the forces that can be trained in various development projects in the fields of building, road construction, bridge building, the tower building, structures and blue buildings, sewage collection and disposal, etc. are the responsibility of the design, calculation, execution and monitoring of the implementation. Civil engineering including the strings that represent the application of science in building construction and civil engineering. Namely, whatever that is, Interior Abadi open one such as: Dam, airport, roads, transmission towers, tunnels, towers, buildings resistant to earthquake, flood, fire, and electrical power plants and light materials, cheap and high quality suitable for work in construction, civil engineering.

 For the beginning of all projects need a civil engineer to be efficient in addition to observing the economic, technical and administrative aspects as well. Because being an economic principle in civil engineering. Civil Engineering has three dimensions design, calculation and execution. Some of the engineers capture are administrative tasks which in this case should also benefit from the ability to have sufficient activity in the workshop and out of the city, to plan and dealing with different strata of people get ready. Activities in the workshops can be found in the two parts of the overall site and Office. Some are also designed to operate beyond this number must also be prepared to perform computational tasks while having, from the very strong mathematics, patience and patience and the power of the above analysis.