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Construction Project The construction industry is booming as never before, and  is part of this industry knows  satisfaction can be derived when a structure is complete.

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  Vented Bulk Bags. Custom FIBCs and Construction Sites Needs.

Vented bulk bags are indispensable for drying, storing and transportation of firewood. But of course, there is not only one use for vented bulk bags. It can be successfully used for food storage and transportation, because such bags can provide ventilation to the products that helps to keep food fresh. Usually vented bulk bags have two panels for ventilation that are made of polypropylene. It provides air flow to the transported or stored products. Prices for the bags might be slightly higher but used bags (frequently provided by numerous companie) are often as good as the new ones and last for quite long.

Polypropylene one of the most popular packing materials. Characteristics of polypropylene are close to polyethylene. But according to many unique features of propylene, it exceeds other polymers. In particular it is resistant to heating up and chemical influence. Polypropylene can be sterilized at high temperatures (over 100). This feature increases its value for food and pharmaceutical branches. Other advantage of polypropylene transparency, flexibility, non-toxicity.

Recently polypropylene starts to supplant polyethylene and other plastics in the production of bags. However, in some regions of the world this process is extremely slowly, for example, in North America. Besides, polypropylene is used in the production of other types of packaging (tare, containers). Thus polypropylene supplants polystyrene, because of its strength and chemical resistance. Due to its hardness and glossiness it supplants many types of polyethylene. Because of high chemical resistance polypropylene is widely used for cladding of containers that are used for storage and transportation of so-called aggressive liquids.

Besides, polypropylene has essential advantages in the sphere of fibers production. Polypropylene fibers have rather low cost. In general, from 1 kg of polypropylene it is possible to produce more fibers, than from 1 kg of any other polymer. Thus polypropylene fibers have high strength and fine elastic properties. One more advantage of fibers from polypropylene is high thermal stability. The only one essential disadvantage of these fibers vulnerability to ultraviolet radiation. It is, perhaps, the only one factor that impedes the beginning of universal use of the polypropylene fibers in the textile industry. One more important factor and great advantage is its price. So propylene is able to supplant other polymers in many fields. It is not because its ecology, but thanks to its low prime cost. Thus low cost and ease of utilization allow polypropylene to supplant other materials in the sphere of production of household goods (carpets, plaids and other materials which are less made now from fabrics), sanitary products (the same one-time diapers) and things of the medical sphere.

So all these advantages of propylene used in production of vented bulk bags make such containers the best choice for storage and transportation of products that need to be well-aired. Buying vented bulk bags you secure your business if it is connected with transportation. Check for prices for the vented bags at or individual manufacturers, like Besides, it is always pleasant to have fresh food that preserves its quality because of the use of a vented bulk bag.