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  Report on Research Chemicals

This report on research chemicals will be a little sketchy, but I can not quite understand the different things that happened in the last 24 hours, but suffice it to say that my research with these substances must come to an end.

Previous day around noon on Saturday, I took about 200mg of 4-MeO-PCP, the chemical that I became familiar with and was increasing binaural mp3s blow with limited success. This Saturday is no different than some nice visuals while meditating in the headphones, but very far from the desired effect of possible OOBE or remote viewing capabilities that supposedly possible with Hemi- Sync program with the Institute, Robert Monroe.

Frustrated with the lack of success of the experiment Saturday, I took a 6-APB or Benzo Fury, a yellowish powder, on Sunday morning. 70mg, about 9am, put into a glass of water in 2 batches of 20mg, and then the remaining after 1:00.

I created my playlist to include Gregorian chants, I-Doser tracks and some of the Hemi-Sync lessons, but about 10am and no real effect on the 6-APB I took 80mg of 4-MeO-PCP, as I ran out of 6-APB. Another hour later and still no effect, I took another 80mg of 4-MeO-PCP.

4-MeO-PCP sign I, 100-200mg gives dissociative for 4 hours, reaching a peak between 2-3 hours and is not particularly strong. Speech and movement is slightly broken, with headphones and binaural beats to some dark red/yellow images float past or flowing patterns and pictures of scenes featuring landscapes and people I do not know. I was hoping that with continued use I could more easily master CD of the program and at least cause OOBE, but I was not sure what this chemical was at work, so my purchase 6-APB to see what he can do.

On Sunday morning, I took the 6-APB, it was new to me, but limited reports of the use of proposed soft experience. What I did not take into account that it was much longer, come and lasted longer, so my mistake was to impatient and 4-MeO-PCP to the top of it was completely self-harm.

Time here are estimates, but around noon I felt that the mixture was starting to have an effect. So I put my headphones and began to listen to Gregorian chants. All was well for about an hour until I came to the metering, and I took the headphones with a vague feeling that something is wrong. Although I will struggle to explain exactly what happened over the next eight or so hours, which seemed to be what was happening, I had a full-blown trip Salvia. I took 60x Salvia before, and distortions in space and dimensions were unmistakable. I even had a taste in the mouth, which reminded me of salvia. I just received the RC-2, as described above, but Salvia is the closest I can come to comparing it to. Only this trip went on and on and on. With the heart rate more than 200bpm for almost everything.

Some of the symptoms that I remember, I took a few coins from his pocket, and they were huge in my right hand, until I put them on the table to my left, where they were more like the normal size. I could understand if he was alive or dead, or whatever. I realized that if I was dead, then people will miss me, but otherwise the two states, it seemed the same. At one point, I consider the state of "being in love " with someone, and could not understand the emotions we are all connected in one way or another, since we could just focus on one person like this? It seemed like a mental illness. Size does not make sense, I could make my way around in the 3D world, but more from the memory of how he had to work. There, where everything was and how it was arranged just does not make any sense. At some point, while listening to music, I can close my eyes and find yourself in a yellow cube with graffiti.

Throughout the trip, the time was distorted, which reminded me of my only trip to San Pedro. There, while just accelerated 2x, so movies and music sounded just as I expect them to 2x. But here, it was more like frames are missing, that all sounds fine, but gusty. the sound of traffic in the distance sounded like San Pedro, slowed down and condensed, but shut it felt more like skipping every second. I would like to see someone sat in the garden, but in the next shot they were there setting for barbecues. I did not remember what had happened between them.

At various points I played with the idea of calling an ambulance because I had no idea how my heart cope with sustained barrage. He stretched it out, and I remember thinking what a good heart I was and how lucky I was to have her, and I really have to take care of her anymore.

Another strange thing that happened that I was asking Jesus for help in guiding my trip before it went bad, and asked him to pay attention to me. In the midst of chaos later, I see the point and converted to Christianity, or at least promised to do so later. I can not now remember why it was so I'm not inclined to keep the promise, perhaps, was the fact that I'm not going to find what I'm looking for my own with these chemicals may be something more structured and helpful to my needs better. I'm not an atheist, but would transform me in words that I know can not be true, so I do not think I'll go this way.

I was able to sleep in his time of 10pm, but woke up for work at 6am I was not much better. The heart is still racing, the mind is not quite getting the 3D world. Really not feeling well.

In conclusion, this study shows an experiment that either the 6-APB and 4-MeO-PCP combined repeats Salvia, or by slowing the time to remind me of San Pedro, this combination somehow repeats all previous trips and borrows from them build artificial experience. My only 2 previous notable events were out there, a series of reports 4-MeO-PCP effects, such as the yellow image and see through the eyes closed-this is how I see another kind of energy out of my hands, or from people passing by with my with eyes closed.

Preferably, however, the trip was a trip Salvia, despite the fact that Salvia is not accepted within a few months. I'm not going to repeat the experience, and not to take more than the RC or plants again. Too little and no effect, too much, and I am very sick. Other people make these Hemi- Sync/binaural beat meditation program of work, of course, I'll try that route myself here.

In the notes section for the Hemi-Sync software, Robert Monroe says that you should not take drugs to enhance the effects and everything you achieve will not be worth it if you did not do it out of your own efforts. He is probably right.