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  How to do a photo of the real estate

We're on our project aim to provide quality information to potential buyers of real property and otherwise in helping sellers and encourage them. In this article we will look at how to do high-quality photos that they attracted buyers.

Most people disparagingly refer to the appearance of the exhibited objects. They believe that the extra cost of time and money on good pictures hardly pay off. But it is not so! Good photos, detailing all over the inside and outside of the house - that's the key to a speedy sale, especially given the high level of competition. For sale is a pretty picture - it's the first and most importantly, what a potential buyer looks at the background of the other proposals of similar property is photos can highlight your subject and present it in the best light. And after watching the pictures the buyer begins to grasp the meaning of performance and price. Beautiful house in a beautiful perspective shot with beautiful scenery - it is in itself a work of art. High-quality photos and can visually enlarge the space and hide flaws plan.

Here are the basic rules on how to submit photos of the property:

1 cleanliness. Your property, especially when you're shooting interiors, must be clean. There should be no stains on the floor and the walls, no flaws furniture. If you shoot a common species at home, and in the yard, too, should be the cleanliness. It is best to take on a clear and sunny day, the sun was a natural source of light, which creates a strong difference between light and shadow - this will allow you to hide the flaws in the shadows.

2 Order. In the photographs of the interiors and the court have to be removed all unnecessary. No dirty dishes in the kitchen, no building tools in the yard, no toys at the corners. Only the bare minimum of things, the scenery. Disorder in the pictures gives the impression of neglect and excessive life in the house.

3 Exclude frame pets and children. The presence of animals in the photo, especially cats, may suggest a foul smell, tattered corners and upholstered furniture. Young children in the photo, too, not everyone likes.

4 Use the right lighting. If you are photographing interiors day, you probably will be the main source of light box. When photographing the interior along with the windows are usually obtained peresvetlennymi windows, and the interior is too dark. To create a normal photos in such conditions, try taking pictures from the window, then the interior lighting will be more uniform. If you need a picture of a window, then try to reduce the effect of light from the window on the general frame - it can either be removed so that the shot fell only a part of the window or to move at a maximum distance from the window to an area in the frame to a minimum. If your camera allows you to change the shutter speed and aperture, set up so that the window had blown out, but the lighting of the interior seems to be more natural. If you are unable to achieve a qualitative picture day with light from the window, try shooting at night or at dusk with artificial lighting (home lighting and more light).

This is the most important recommendations that may be useful to everyone. We can also recommend not to take on a mobile phone - these pictures do not convey all the colors and very poorly adjusted to the light. Do not make the photos at an angle - not everyone will appreciate your quest angles. If your house has no furniture or decor, to improve the training, you can use small decorations, large phase and draperies. Do not make pictures of proportion, that is too wide or too high - in most sites images are reduced and set the desired proportions. Classic proportions for photos 4 3 the landscape (width greater than height). If you do evening shooting interiors or in the yard, make sure you use lighting, sometimes their own homes lighting is very beautiful in the photographs obtained.

We hope that these simple and obvious points will help you better understand your real estate property for sale. If you can not photograph well, or there is no suitable equipment, it is best to consult with a professional photographer. He has a wealth of experience and studio equipment, he will present a selection of dozens of photos with high-quality lighting and good angles. The cost of the services of a professional all different, it could be $ 100 or $ 500, but trust me - Photo quality will save you a lot of time to find buyers.