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  How to use plywood for repair

You can use plywood for the repair and decoration of the interior, in particular, it allows you to tie the floor, wall panels, window sills, walls and more. It can be used for the construction of formwork and facade of the building.

As plywood used in construction?
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Plywood as a slab building material is quite popular in the repair and construction. It is actively used in industry, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, furniture manufacturing and so on. Plywood - it is eco-friendly, practical and lightweight material, which has no analogues.

Where and how to use

The most commonly in the repair and construction of plywood is used for the construction of formwork and other cast structures made of concrete - columns, ceilings. Decking made of plywood, construction of concrete confers a number of advantages, and largely thanks to smooth, smooth walls that do not require additional stripping of the rough edges, dents and projections. Due to the ability to repel water material is not afraid of water, it does not lose its shape and technical characteristics during operation. In addition, water-resistant plywood formwork can be used repeatedly with appropriate storage and care.

Construction plywood is irreplaceable when laying floors. Eco-sheets laid under the floor, allow to prevent possible deformation and increase the service life of the floor. In addition, this material has insulating properties and that is particularly true for the floor covering. Plywood is often used during the roofing. Due to its mechanical properties - a special strength of the longitudinal fibers, it is ideally suited for this purpose, providing resistance to stress and a long period of service.

How to use the material for interior decoration

Plywood is often decorate the interior, because its appearance is very similar to the appearance of wood. From her perform wall panels, window sills, insulating and heat-insulating panels, doors and decorative partitions and much more. Plywood sheets of large birch often seen as a finishing material premises large scale - bars and restaurants. With this finish, you can save a comfortable balance between humidity and temperature, which is so necessary to man.

Often it sheathe the walls of concert halls and sports facilities. Plywood is perfect for outdoor applications, in particular for the repair of the facade of the building. The material submitted by plywood sheets large enough, can significantly reduce the installation of the exterior. Often it is combined with other materials, and largely due to the ease and simplicity of installation.