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     Engineering, pronounced, means
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  FIELD Engineers crane consulting

Company FIELD Engineers engaged in carrying out inspections, specializing in second-hand heavy equipment. Despite the fact that our head office is located in Germany, we control the international network of specially trained inspectors who are able to carry out inspections worldwide.

Our core business is the inspection of construction machinery has engineers who specialize in inspections of cranes, we also offer our international customers. Currently, the average number of mobile cranes, cranes and rough terrain cranes on tracks, but in addition have inspection conducted for the company FIELD Engineers, is about 800. Over the years, the company famous for FIELD Engineers inspection service of high quality equipment, and from 2010 year due to popular demand we have increased the number of inspectors, including in its membership experts on crane consulting company could offer new and regular customers inspect cranes high level. We hold expertise.

What does this mean for you if you are our customers?

If you find a crane that want to buy, you can contact us to obtain an estimate of the cost of the inspection. If you agree with our proposal, we will send you an invoice with the bank details. We would be grateful if the first inspection you have paid in advance. Payment and tax information can be found here.

You must send us the contact details of the supplier, including the name and phone number. Our inspectors will be contacted directly with suppliers to arrange an inspection and give an indication that you need to prepare for an inspection. The valve shall be in the working position and be loaded with ballast. It is important that the operator was on the spot, who is familiar with the work of the tap.

Before you determine the cost of inspection, our inspector should be familiar with the type of crane in question, we would rather give up the service than we pretend to be experts in the field in which we are not experts.

Inspection begins with checking the configuration. Confirmed by serial number and chassis number. Then the inspector makes a visual inspection, checking for cracks, leaks and other damage. This is followed by operational test systems, such as hydraulic systems, checking retractable boom, then checking of cables and control load moment. Then also be checked and tested operating functions of the vehicle, such as the transmission and brakes.

Then our specialist makes a written report on taproot incident investigation detailing the deficiencies observed and any problems that he considers it necessary to draw attention to. This report shall be the photos of those elements that are specified in a written report. With one click, you can download a sample report, but keep in mind that in this report are only a few photos for example, this report can contain a lot more pictures, depending on the condition of the equipment under test.

We are not dependent on any organizations that buy or sell equipment. Being completely independent, is a guarantee that our customers will be absolutely impartial assessment of the equipment. All information on equipment location, supplier and conditions will presented.