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  Is really electronic games are extreme sports?

It is expected that the so-called E-Sports come to have higher earnings to US $ 465 in 2017.
An unusual event this week will occur at the ends Winter Games 2015 in Aspen, Colorado, United States.
Along with the incredible acrobatics of athletes in snowboard, skis or snowmobiles, with unimaginable levels of strength, flexibility and dexterity, there will be an even more radical discipline.
This is a group of men and women who are hunched in front of computers, annihilating evil imaginary characters with imaginary weapons, while thousands of real people's encourage each fight and vitorearan each action.

Games extreme winter in Aspen will be the first to give medals to a category of E-Sports.
As in the other events, the winners of this imaginary slaughter receive medals, but is it fair to reward these "cyber athletes" to the level of other disciplines? Are electronic games really a sport?
Called eSports
A few months ago, the end of one of the most popular games such as the League of Legends (LoL, its acronym in English), held in Seoul, South Korea, before more than 40,000 fans.
That event, one of many that are held annually around the world, was a reflection of the new conception of eSports, the term adopted to refer to the competitive and professional-looking electronic games.

Thousands of people go to the stadiums to watch the tournaments and elite players are renowned personalities among fans.
The video game industry in 2014 had an audience of 205 million people, as calculated Newzoo, a company that produces market research.
Only the world championship LoL 2013 drew about 32 million viewers on the Internet, more than double what generated the baseball World Series in the United States and the level of the decisive game of the finals of the NBA, the US professional basketball .
To make matters worse, one eSports tournament offered a prize of US $ 10.9 billion last year, more than the US Open golf, and it was broadcast by the ESPN sports network.

Professional players can take up to 14 hours training.
This openness to traditional television does not seem to affect Internet platforms that transmit eSports within its programming offer as Twitch, which was recently acquired by Amazon for US $ 1,000 million.
The growing audience has also attracted investment from other large corporations, which causes a considerable increase is expected in the earnings of US $ 130 million in 2012 to more than US $ 465 in 2017, according to Newzoo.
All this will benefit players who are in the elite of electronic sports such as Carlos "Ocelot" Rodriguez, Spanish who are able to earn up to US $ 1 million a year.
Athletes vs "cyber athletes"
At first glance are obvious differences between the two types of athletes, but basically there are similarities that surprisingly about.

Although there are obvious differences, there are similarities between traditional sports athletes and those involved in E-Sports.
Taking into account three categories (strategy, fitness and reaction time), the "cyber athletes" demonstrate an incredible ability to cope with highly complex games that are constantly evolving.
In fact, some scientists believe that there are some computer games that could be better indicators of intelligence of people chess.
As in traditional sports, strategy is what often separates the great champions of good.

The traditional sports athletes have superior physical ability, both resistance and agility.
In both cases must be analyzed constantly countless options, in addition to absorbing the strengths and weaknesses of their rivals.
Perhaps the biggest difference is the physical preparation, given the level of endurance and muscle development are reaching athletes in different disciplines.
All the elements are there. Emotions, adrenaline, players crying with joy or sadness
Michal Blicharz, tournament promoter E-Sports
ESport players can take up to 14 hours a day training, but in principle it is not necessary to perform more physical effort than sitting in front of a screen.
However, there is consensus that a better physical condition helps a healthier mind, so the elite players are beginning to incorporate a more balanced diet and to exercise regularly.
As for the reaction, both the "cyber athletes" as their counterparts in traditional sports should have reflexes and mental agility can react in a split second.
This requires exceptional coordination of touch and sight, speed of thought and control of space, especially in team sports.
Anyone trying to return a service Serena Williams of over 190 kilometers per hour should know that it will have less than half a second to react.
A favor, against Michal Blicharz, of Polish origin, is a person who has had to fulfill different roles in the sport, from competing to coaching.

Although very popular today, many sports X Games were not considered sports but hobbies.
Now organizes tournaments E-Sports around the world.
"I've sweated on a canvas judo often," he said defending the theory that should be considered eSports sports.
"They are not so different. There are tournaments, you must go progressing to possibly compete against the best, the number of hours devoted to training is like perhaps you need any more at the eSports you study the strategy, technique and your opponents," he described. One of the oldest but still very popular games is Counter Strike on which you can place cs go bets

"All the elements are there. The emotions, adrenaline, players crying with joy or sadness."
Having children sitting watching computer screens in a room indoors, next to snowboarding, skiing and the rest does not seem right
Tim Warwood, former champion snowboard
But for Tim Warwood, British former champion of snowboarding, there can be no comparisons and believes it was a mistake to include the eSports in the Winter X Games.
"Having children sitting watching computer screens in a room indoors, next to snowboarding, skiing and the rest does not seem right," he lamented.
"When I was a kid playing sports I was out on the street, getting wet, getting dirty with mud and get winded. I just think it's strange, but perhaps I'm getting old."
Warwood recalled when, not long ago, there were people who did not consider snowboarding a sport.

Tim Warwood believed to be a sport must have a physical effort beyond sitting in front of a screen.
This position is shared by the president of ESPN, John Skipper, who believes that should not be classified as a sport, as it is simply "a competition".

However, the US government recognizes E-Sports players as professionals in their immigration department athletes.
The truth is that beyond the debate, most fans of electronic games, including Blicharz not care what people think.
They have done and continue to do things his way and by the time its formula is proving. Now you can display a medal to prove it.