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     When slides down an embank,
     often circle arch slip surfaces occur                examines one circular fracture body and        therefore speaks of the floating
     circuit procedures.

     Engineering, pronounced, means
all of
the functions that lead design and
     studies, the purchase and control of              equipment, construction and
     commissioning of a technical or industrial        facility. By extension, the term is also
     often used in other areas: we speak for        example of computer engineering. This          activity is currently carried out principally      by so-called companies 'engineering                companies' who study, design and do            realize all or part of a layout (port,                road..), a book.

  Slope Stability

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When slides down an embankment, often circle arch slip surfaces occur (particularly evident in clay, where Alexandre Collin watched this first in the 1840s), examines one circular fracture body and therefore speaks of the floating circuit procedures. When calculating a distinction blade-free procedure (where there is a single broken body) and flap procedure (here the broken body is divided into a variety of vertical slices, the blades). The procedures are divided further depending on the force (weight, earth pressure, water pressure, buoyancy, traffic, etc) and resistance (friction, shear strength), and the mechanisms that will be taken into account or neglected. Were the first who conducted calculations according to the floating circuit procedure, Knut Petterson and Sven Hultin by the port authority in Gothenburg in 1916. They calculated the slipping of a harbour Quay wall in Gothenburg. Fellenius (and also Augustine) improved the procedure in the 1920s so far, that it is now more known under the name Fellenius method or both Bishop Augustine method. Various authors have later (in the 1950s and thereafter) contributions and improvements delivered (Otto Karl Fröhlich , Alan W. Bishop , Nilmar Janbu, Hubert Borowicka , etc.). Alongside the floating circuit procedures, there are also procedures with polygon-like surfaces, such as according Janbu. Today, there are in DIN 4084 guidelines for terrain and slope break calculations according to these methods. At a concrete verification of stability of a slope varying the Center and the radius of the floating circles gradually until one finds the arc with the lowest and therefore relevant Security.